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Revolutionizing Boat Storage For Over 50 Years

Over 50 years ago, David “Fred” Brownell revolutionized the way that boats were stored with his invention of the Brownell Boat Stand. Since then, our system has been proven to be the fastest, safest and most reliable way to store boats out of the water. It is the unique design of Brownell Boat Stands that allows boat yards to be able to store more boats per square foot, allowing them to maximize space and increase revenue… read more

The Best Boat Stands Ever Made

Brownell Boat Stands makes it easy for you to choose a boat stand that will work best for your type of vessel and storage needs with our Boat Stand Selector. For the best and most accurate results, you will need to know a couple of specifications, including the length, beam, draft and weight/displacement for your motorboat or sailboat. Use our online Boat Stand Selector to help you choose a boat stand… read more