The fastest, safest way to lift a boat from a trailer!

Brownell offers dollies in two sizes. The larger dolly will bear 20,000lbs. The smaller, medium duty, dolly will hold 8,000lbs. Acme threaded adjustments, non-marking wheels with brakes.

Safely and easily remove or install stern drives. Eliminates back breaking labor and saves time. Hydraulic and adjustable on all axes.

Designed to easily transport inflatables, dinghies, small boats and personal watercraft.

Please view this video to see just how quick, safe and easy the Brownell Boat Stands system can shore a boat. With over 2,000,000 Brownell Boat Stands in use, the system is proven safe and preferred by professionals world wide. Thanks to Niemiec Marine and Burr Bros. for their time and assistance in hauling and shoring these boats. Please contact us for more information on using and purchasing our products. Thank you for your time!

A look at using Brownell Boat Stands, the world’s most reliable boat stands.

Brownell Boat Racks are a safe, easy and affordable way to store boats. They can be used as wash and service racks at dry stack facilities. They are are also ideal for boat shows, dealer show rooms and boat yard storage. They are rated to 20,000 lbs / 9,000 kgs. Boats can be quickly placed on the racks with a fork truck, travelift, trailer or hoist. For additional stability, a Brownell Boat Stand can be placed on each side.