Small Outboard Rack/Dolly


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The Brownell Small Outboard Rack (OBR3) provides a safe and secure solution for handling your small to mid-range outboards around the shop or showroom. With a capacity of 400lbs, the OBR3 is intended for small to mid-range engines up to approximately 115HP (smaller 4-cylinder engines). The rectangular mounting bar allows for use with clamp-on engines, or can be drilled to fit any bolt-on pattern. Ergonomic handles and a combination of swivel and stationary casters provide ease of movement, while caster locks make for safe storage while working.

  • Load capacity: 400lbs (180kg)
  • Length = 24” (61cm)
  • Width = 20” (51cm)
  • Height = 46.5” (118cm)
  • Weight = 74lbs (34kg)