Sailboat Stand – V-Top SB-1V – 64″-79″/ 163cm-206cm range


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The SB-1V is a 64-79 inch / 163-206 centimeter angled base sailboat stand that features a solid steel ACME threaded center rod for smooth adjustment under heavy loads. It also features a v-top for bow support.

All Brownell products are made in the USA using top quality American Steel. They are constructed by skilled American craftsmen, to ensure consistency and control. The Brownell Sailboat Stand is made of a unique design that allows it to be nested and stacked for compact and convenient storage.

Brownell Boat Stands have a solid reputation within the marine industry and are known by professionals all over the world to be the best quality boat stands ever made. This particular model features our traditional painted blue finish for long-lasting durability.