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The KS28V is a Keel Stand in the 28-42 inch / 71-107 centimeter range, which features our long lasting hot-dip galvanized finish and a heavy duty wide v-top. Brownell Keel Stands help to save time and labor. They can be used in place of conventional wood blocks and feature easily adjustable ACME solid steel threaded tops. Like other Brownell Boat Stands, these Keel Stands can be easily nested and stacked for compact storage.

It is recommended that you use one Keel Stand for every 20,000 pounds or 9,100 kilograms of vessel weight. The Keel Stands should be spaced evenly along the keel, always using a minimum of two Keel Stands at a time. Brownell Boat Stands are used to stabilize the vessel.

Brownell Boat Stands have a solid reputation within the marine industry and are known by professionals all over the world to be the best quality boat stands ever made. Our Keel Stands work with our top of the line products to create an unbeatable combination to protect and support your boat while it is in storage.