BDXL – Extra-Large Boat Dolly (35,000lb Capacity)


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Brownell Adjustable Boat Dollies are heavy duty and designed for use in showrooms, workshops, boat shows and production facilities. They feature non-marking wheels and our legendary adjustable screw pads, just like our Brownell Boat Stands.

BDXL: $4,000 (Main dolly product)

The BDXL is our Extra Large Boat Dolly. A pair of BDXL dollies can accommodate boats up to 35,000 pounds (16,000kg) in weight and up to or beyond 50 feet in length. Each BDXL has four tops, which adjust in height from 31 to 47 inches, and extend to nearly 12 feet in width, accommodating a wide variety of hull shapes, drafts and beams. Each dolly also has eight swiveling casters, each eight inches in diameter, with brakes and alignment locks (fixes casters in forward-reverse or side-to-side directions) for precise handling. The BDXL makes handling large vessels in tight quarters safer and easier, and allows for more efficient use of floor space, letting the operator store more boats and add revenue to the business.

Brownell has a solid reputation within the marine industry and is known by professionals all over the world for providing the best quality boat stands and handling products ever made. Our Adjustable Boat Dollies work with our top of the line products to create an unbeatable combination to protect and support your vessel.

BDXLTB: $1,200 (Optional Tow Bar Package)

Tow Bar Package (BDXLTB) includes extendable fork lift attachment with a maximum length of 16FT, a pintel hook attachment, and a single tow eye attachment.

BDXLCK: $600 (Optional Connector Kit Package)

Connector Kit (BDXLCK) includes a set of 12FT galvanized connector tubes for a maximum length of 36FT between fore and aft dolly, along with necessary hardware for connecting dollies.

An optional connector kit for the BDXL allows the two dollies to be connected together for more secure handling of the vessel over cracks or seams in the floor. The optional tow package allows the vessel and dolly to be easily maneuvered with a fork lift, using our extra long fork extension and standard tow hitch accessories. Each dolly is equipped with four mounting points for hitch attachments, and the extension allows for up to 16 feet of reach for the forklift – plenty of length to safely reach under the bow of a 50-footer.