Boat Dollies

Brownell also makes a variety of boat dollies that can be used in showrooms, workshops, boat shows, and even at production facilities. Our dollies feature non-marking wheels and our legendary adjustable screw pads, just like the ones we use on our Brownell Boat Stands.

The Small Craft Dolly is perfect for personal watercraft, dinghies, and other small vessels. It is protected by our traditional painted blue finish. Our Pontoon-Tritoon Dolly is made for use with standard pontoons, tritoons, and high-performance sports boats. The Brownell Steel Pontoon Boat Dolly is designed for transferring pontoons both to and from the water and features a padded foam top for maximum protection.

Brownell also makes a series of heavy-duty dollies. The Heavy Duty Dolly is a low profile dolly with a 2.5-inch ground clearance. It can accommodate boats up to 8,000 pounds and has an adjustable height. The Maxi Heavy Duty Boat Dolly also features a low profile, but it can accommodate boats up to 20,000 pounds. It can also be linked together with other Maxi Heavy Duty Boat Dollies for larger craft. Both the Heavy Duty Dolly and the Maxi Heavy Duty Dolly are available in traditional blue painted or hot dip galvanized finish.

The Brownell Extra Large Boat Dolly can accommodate boats up to 35,000 pounds and up to or beyond 50 feet in length. It has four tops which adjust in height and width to accommodate a wide variety of hull shapes, drafts, and beams. Brownell has earned a solid reputation within the marine industry and our adjustable boat dollies are designed to work with all of our other products as part of the Brownell Boat Stand System.

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