Trailer Components

Brownell sells two types of trailer components that can be used to protect your boat during transportation. Our Brownell Adjustable Trailer Pad comes in three sizes, including 16 inches (41 cm), 23 inches (60 cm), and 27 inches (70 cm). They are designed to protect your boat’s finish and provide proper drainage to eliminate moisture on the hull. Our TLC Pad can be mounted to any Brownell Boat Stand or adjustable trailer.

Our TLC Boat Pads are made in the USA. The TPE surface of the TLC Boat Pad works to protect the delicate finish of your boat. It can protect everything from fine wooden crafts to boats with epoxy or gel coat finishes.

The Brownell Wedge Stand is designed to be mounted to a cross member, bolted to a trailer frame, or fastened to a wooden beam. It is protected by our traditional painted blue finish for long-lasting durability and comes in two usable positions that can be adjusted using our ACME steel threaded rods. The Brownell Wedge Stand provides boat owners with the unique ability to build a cradle on their own trailer for optimal protection.

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