Engine Handling Products

Brownell Engine Handling Products are designed for use with a variety of engines, providing safe and secure handling solutions for showrooms and workshops. Our products feature ergonomic handles and a combination of swivel and stationary casters to provide ease of movement. Caster locks allow for safe storage while working. Heavy-duty steel construction and our traditional painted blue finish provide added protection and long-lasting durability.

Our larger systems, which can be used for multiple engines and drives, are designed to maximize shop efficiency. They provide a small, easy-to-maneuver method for moving the stern drive to and from the vessel. Each has a very small footprint, allowing for easy storage when not in use. All contact surfaces have been coated with rubber to prevent scratching.

The Brownell Stern Drive Installer is also available. It is a heavy three-ton jack that has been designed to safely and easily remove and install stern drives. This works to save time and reduce labor, as the system is hydraulic and adjustable on all three axes.

Brownell has earned a solid reputation in the marine industry and is known by industry professionals all over the world. Our Brownell Engine Handling Products have been built with the same level of quality and care that goes into our famous Brownell Boat Stands. Built right here in the USA by American craftsmen, you can count on Brownell products to perform.

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