Why Boat Yards Should Be Using Brownell Stackable Boat Stands

Why Boat Yards Should Be Using Brownell Stackable Boat Stands

brownell-for-boatyardsThere are many reasons to choose Brownell Boat Stand System for your marina, club or shipyard. For over 50 years, professional yards have trusted the Brownell name for the quality, security, safety and versatility that it offers in the handling of boats on land. Nested boat stands for motorboats, foldable galvanized boat stands for sailboats, stackable boat stands for busy boat yards – there are specialty items available for just about every type of vessel. One of the biggest draws to Brownell, outside of the innovative and sturdy construction, is the use of American steel by true craftsmen right here in Massachusetts. With so many years of quality products and services behind the Brownell name, it is no wonder so many professionals and boat owners trust the Brownell Boat Stand System.

They Are Simple and Lightweight
Another advantage to choosing the stackable boat stands from Brownell is that they are very simple and lightweight. This makes it easy to move them around, grab then quickly and easily for use, and use them just about anywhere on the yard. The portability of these nested boat stands makes for compact storage, allowing boat yards to keep a wide variety of sizes on hand to accommodate any type of vessel.

They Are Easy to Adjust
The solid steel ACME threaded center rod in Brownell galvanized boat stands makes it easy to adjust even under a heavy load. A wide variety of options in sizes, styles and accessories help make these nested boat stands very valuable to yards that deal with a wide variety of different vessels throughout the year.

They Increase Efficiency
Independent studies have proven that when in use, the stackable boat stands available through the Brownell Boat Stand System allows yards to store more boats than any other system available. When they are not in use they can be nested or stacked for more efficient storage. They can be combined with boat racks, keel stands and other staging systems to help create a truly efficient and cost-effective yard.

They Work as a Balancing Device
Brownell boat stands are designed to work as a balancing device to allow the weight of the boat to rest on its keel, supported by keel stands, benches or blocking. This series of galvanized boat stands from Brownell have been independently tested to function under a 30,000 pound load. They are safe for storage and winterizing of any boat.

They Are Designed for All Vessels
If you visit the Brownell website, you will see that there are boat stands and blocks available for sailboats, motorboats and even personal watercraft, adjusting for various tops and weight ratings to accommodate just about any type of vessel. A complete online guide about how to properly store a boat on land for extended periods of time is available to help boat owners and boat yards learn how to use the Brownell Boat Stand System to their advantage.

Some Basic Tips for Proper Use
If you are thinking about where to buy boat stands and would like to use the Brownell Boat Stand System to protect your vessel, make sure to visit the Brownell website at www.boatstands.com. You can learn a lot more about how to use motorboat nested boat stands, folded sailboat stackable boat stands and even galvanized boat stands for long-lasting durability. Here are some basic tips that you can use for proper use. For a full guide, please visit the Brownell website.

  • a minimum of four boat stands should be used for motorboats
  • a minimum of five boat stands should be used for sailboats
  • a pair of boat stands should be used for every eight feet of the vessel’s length
  • extra boat stands should be used in windy areas
  • always use at least two keel stands on hard stable ground to carry the boat’s weight
  • use one keel stand for every 10,000 pounds
  • always use at least two keel benches on hard stable ground to carry the boat’s weight
  • use wood blocking instead of cinder blocks

All motorboat and sailboat stackable boat stands and other types of galvanized boat stands and blocks should all be checked on a regular basis while your boat is being stored. Check to ensure that the boat stands remain snug against the hull of your vessel and that the keel blocks are not sinking into the ground. Make sure blocks are in good condition and are not splitting or rotting with age. Perform more frequent checks of all nested boat stands if your boat is being stored under windy or stormy conditions to ensure that the boat stands are properly stabilizing your boat. Galvanized boat stands do not require extra treatment, but painted nested boat stands and stackable boat stands should be painted with a rust-preventative paint for long-lasting durability.

Where to Buy Boat Stands
If you are interested in learning more about the Brownell Boat Stand System or would like to know where to buy boat stands for your vessel or boatyard, contact Brownell direct by calling our Mattapoisett, Massachusetts office at +1-508-758-3671. We can give you information on an authorized dealer near you so you can look at and purchase any of our top quality stackable boat stands and accessories for motorboats, sailboats and personal watercraft vessels.

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