Use the Brownell Boat Stand System to Optimize Storage Space

Use the Brownell Boat Stand System to Optimize Storage Space

Brownell boat stand systemThere are many ways that the Brownell Boat Stand System can help busy boatyards and marinas to maximize space to best meet customer demands. Our boat stand selector tool can help to find the best solutions based on the particular needs and requirements of each vessel. The use of Brownell engine racks can be an excellent way to provide winterizing and maintenance services to customers that go above and beyond expectations. Our independently certified boat stands, keel support, marine dollies, and other equipment can all be used to effectively and efficiently store boats for your customers. Made from heavy-duty, top quality American steel, our stackable and nested boat stands can be easily stored when not in use and help to save time and labor compared to cumbersome cradles and other types of equipment.

Materials and Manufacturing Matter

When it comes down to choosing the best equipment for your professional marine business, it pays to consider the materials and manufacturing methods that are used. The Brownell Boat Stand System and all other Brownell products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States at our Mattapoisett, Massachusetts facility. We use only top quality American steel, and the strength, durability, and reliability of our solid steel, ACME threaded rods on our adjustable stands cannot be beaten by any competitor product. Many other brands feature hollow shafts or use low-quality threads that bind during use. You can count on Brownell products, and our independently certified boat stands to perform as advertised and provide you with many years of reliable service.

Choosing products that are constructed with American steel is essential, especially if you will be using this equipment in a professional marine industry capacity. American steel is the highest quality steel available on the market. Many other marine manufacturers use Asian steel, which can vary widely in quality. Compared to American steel, this inferior steel is also much more likely to rust at a faster rate, and the bases of these products are often made with angle iron, which can be damaged easily. The point of all this is that low-quality products will need to be replaced more frequently than high-quality products. To get the best return on your investment, make sure to choose Brownell products, which are made from solid American steel for superior strength and long-lasting durability.

The Brownell Boat Stand System features independently certified boat stands and equipment, which have a proven safe workload of 20,000 pounds. All of our Brownell engine racks, boat stands, keel support equipment, boat racks, and other products are either hot dip galvanized or painted in our traditional blue finish for superior rust protection – even in the harshest marine industry environments.

Stacking, Nesting, and Storage

Another significant advantage of the products in our Brownell Boat Stand System is that they are designed to be stacked or nested efficiently to help maximize space even when they are not in use. Boatyards that rely on cradles and other cumbersome storage equipment are often short on space, even during the season when most boats are out on the water. It takes less staff and labor to move, use, and store our boat stands and keel support than any other product. You can use our boat stand selector tool to find the best independently certified boat stands, keel support, and Brownell engine racks for all of your storage needs. Used by boatyard, marina, maintenance, and repair marine businesses, you can even find our products on showroom floors, boat shows, and manufacturing facilities all around the globe.

Our stands and keel supports can be adjusted to meet the needs of many different hull shapes and vessel lengths, which means that you can use them many times over for various clients to further increase the return on your investment. All of our products can be used interchangeably with our popular TLC boat pads, which provide extra protection for all types of vessels, including the hulls of fine wooden craft, gel, or epoxy coated boats. Brownell engine racks and boat racks can also be used to provide a stable storage option for smaller craft and engine care for customers. You can use our boat stand selector or speak with a representative for more information on choosing the best Brownell equipment based on the needs of your customers and the space you want to use for storage.

How to Optimize Storage Space

The Brownell Boat Stand System is designed to help busy boatyards optimize the amount of space that they have available to increase customer opportunities. Our boat stands and boat racks can be used to provide a smaller footprint and allow for more boats to be safely stored closer together at the same time. Other equipment in addition to our independently certified boat stands and keel support includes foldable sailboat stands, boat dollies, boat lifting systems, engine handling products, and shrink wrap accessories. Our many years of experience working in and with the marine industry have helped us to understand the needs of our customers and provide them with valuable solutions that they can use to their advantage.

To learn more about our Brownell engine racks, boat stands, and other essential equipment, give us a call at 508-758-3671 or use our boat stand selector tool online at We can answer any questions that you might have about the Brownell Boat Stand System or provide you with a list of authorized dealers near you.

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