Types of Boat Stands: How to Properly Block Your Boat on Land

Types of Boat Stands: How to Properly Block Your Boat on Land

One of the most important things that a boat owner needs to do when their vessel is out of the water is to learn how to block their boat correctly. The method used to block the boat once it is taken off of the trailer is essential. While you might see some boat owners using random objects, such as cement blocks or wood, the best choice is to use equipment designed for this purpose. Keel stands are designed to provide proper keel support for the weight of the vessel. A boat stand is used to provide stability. There are many different types of boat stands, based on the size, make, and model of the boat.

Where to Place Boat Stands

Most boat manufacturers will provide recommendations for the positioning of boat stand equipment and keel stands. However, if you do not have the owner’s manual or if the instructions are not clear, you can use the Boat Stand Selector on the Brownell Boat Stand System website for valuable advice. Keel support is essential to protect the hull of your boat. This is true whether you have a sailboat, motor boat, or personal watercraft. In most cases, the keel stands should be positioned underneath the bulkheads to prevent stress on the boat. If the support is not provided properly, damage can occur.

Some of the damage caused by improper blocking includes:

  • damaged stringers
  • gel coating stress cracks
  • misaligned engines
  • broken hull

If you are purchasing a used boat, make sure to look at how the boat has been blocked to ensure that it was done correctly. Check out the type of keel support that is being used and evaluate the condition of the hull and other essential elements of the vessel. If the boat is in the water, don’t be afraid to ask how it has been stored when it was out of the water. The types of boat stands and even the brand name of the boat stand can help you determine how well the boat was cared for by the current owner.

Level Ground is Important

Another key ingredient in proper boat storage is to have the boat stands, and keel stands placed on ground that is flat and solid. It is possible to reinforce the quality of the ground by using plywood bases to help spread the load for the different types of boat stands. It can also help to prevent the stands from settling into the ground. It doesn’t matter what type of surface is used, depending on where the boatyard is located, even asphalt can give way in the heat of the summer. For even more tips on creating a solid base for your vessel, read the tips located on the Brownell Boat Stands website at www.boatstands.com.

Keel First, Boat Stands Second

As you look into the different types of boat stands that you need to support and stabilize your vessel properly, you will see that a lot of attention is paid to keel stands. Keel support should be provided first. Special keel stands that have threaded rods are more convenient and easy to use than other options. As you read the directions based on the make, model, and size of your motor boat or sailboat, you will see that a minimum of two keel stands is recommended to help keep the boat level and to disburse the weight.

The same goes with boat stands. Find the right types of boat stands for your vessel and position a set at intervals according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You can see diagrams and full recommendations for the use of boat stands and keel support for sailboats and motor boats on the Brownell website. The Proper Use page (www.boatstands.com/proper-use/) features details that can help first time users or new boat owners figure out how to properly place boat stands for best results.

The Brownell Boat Stand System

Since 1954, the Brownell name has been synonymous with quality and reliability. We take a lot of pride in the products that we create, and all of our products and components are made in-house by skilled American craftsmen in the USA. Brownell Boat Stands are known by professionals all over the world for being the best quality ever made. We only use American tubular steel, which has earned a reputation for being the most durable steel available. Compared to other types of steel, which can vary widely in quality and are more susceptible to rust, it is by far the best. Give us a call at 508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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