Top Tips: Fire Extinguishers & the Brownell Boat Stand System

Top Tips: Fire Extinguishers & the Brownell Boat Stand System

Boat Safety and Fire ExtinguishersWhat are two things that can save your boat if you know how to use them right? Fire extinguishers and boat stands. While these are very distinct tools that protect your vessel in totally different ways, they are both essential pieces of equipment that every boat owner should have. Motorboat stands and engine racks for marine engines are just two parts of the overall Brownell Boat Stand System. This is something that you should look into for off-season storage and for use when maintaining your vessel. There are a variety of different fire extinguishers that can be used to help contain a fire. It is important for you to choose the best type of equipment to protect your boat.

Fire Extinguishers 101: Basic Safety Information
There are four different classes of fire extinguishers that are based on the type of fire that they can put out. Beyond that there are also numbers, which correspond with the size of the fire that the extinguisher can put out, with the higher numbers pertaining to larger fires.

The four different classes of extinguishers include:

  • Class A – these fires can also be extinguished with water and include solid materials like plastic, cloth, wood, paper and rubber
  • Class B – this is for flammable gases and liquids and include materials like paint, propane, alcohol, gasoline, grease, diesel fuel and kerosene
  • Class C – fires that involve live electrical circuits of equipment, machinery, appliances, wiring and electrical panels
  • Class D – combustible metal fires, such as magnesium and titanium
  • Class K – known as the kitchen class, this type of fire would involve cooking grease, oil or animal fat

Most fire extinguishers that are used for marine purposes are rated B:C, which means that they can be used on Class B and Class C fires. You can also get an extinguisher that is rated A:B:C, which means that it can be used on all classes of fires, except for D and K. A dry chemical agent is used to coat the fuel that is feeding the fire to prevent oxygen from penetrating it. The US Coast Guard has approved a hand-portable Class B extinguisher for boats, which are classified as B-I or B-II with a special mounting bracket for marine use. Before heading out to the water, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher that meets the required guidelines, especially if you have an inboard engine or a permanently installed fuel tank.

Boat Stands: A Basic Primer
If you are unfamiliar with using motorboat stands or engine racks for marine engines while they are being serviced, you should definitely check out all of the options available in the Brownell Boat Stand System. Beyond basic boat stands, Brownell provides a range of pads, keel stands, wooden blocks and a complete guide on how to use them to protect your boat. For example, Brownell recommends always using a minimum of four boat stands for power boats. They also recommend using two or more keel stands or wooden keel supports in the form of wooden blocks, for additional support below the center line of the boat.

Brownell also recommends that in addition to motorboat stands, that you use Brownell sailboat stands at the bow for any vessels that have a deep V bow construction. For best stability, the boat stands should be placed as wide as possible for storage purposes. You should never tie a boat cover on the stand, as it could cause the boat to tip over in heavy winds. The cover should be tied down independently of anything else. If you have a power boat that is larger than 33 feet, you should add two extra stands for added support. Before using any boat stands, motorboat stands or engine racks for marine engines, make sure to read the Brownell Boat Stand System installation manual for best results.

If you are interested in learning more about the Brownell Boat Stand System or want to find a dealer near you that is authorized to sell this line of boat stands and motorboat stands, give us a call at 508-758-3671. We can help you choose the best motorboat stands and options for protecting your vessel, according to your specific needs.

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