The Ins & Outs of Storing a Boat at a New England Boat Yard

The Ins & Outs of Storing a Boat at a New England Boat Yard

boat-yard-storageThe rules associated with putting your sailboat, power boat or fishing boat into storage at a local boat yard will vary by region and specific location, so your best bet is to always get a written copy of the requirements and take some time to read them to avoid any misunderstanding. Storing your boat in a New England boat yard will come with a lot of rules that have been put in place over the years by frustrated boat yard owners and managers, as a result of issues or problems that have happened on-site.

Specific requirements, such as the type of boat racks, motor boat stands, boat stands for sailboats and overall types of boat stands that are being used should be discussed ahead of time, as well as rules about any work being done on-site. These are common issues of friction between boat owners and lot owners alike. Just make sure you know what is allowed – and what isn’t – so you won’t get kicked out in the middle of the off-season with nowhere safe to take your vessel because you broke a couple of important rules.

Do-It-Yourself Work
One of the biggest issues that boat yard owners have with boat owners is the do-it-yourself work that they want to do on their boats while they are in storage. While most people that you meet have a lot of common sense and respect for their fellow boaters, there are a growing number of individuals who just do what they want and don’t care how it affects others. From improper use of motor boat stands that can cause damage while repairs are being made, to not having enough boat stands for sailboats that will eventually tip and take out several other clients’ boats in domino fashion, there are a lot of accidents, incidents and damages that occur at the boat yard purely due to negligence and ignorance.

Sloppy workmanship is another issue. While the boat owner might use the right types of boat stands for their boat, they are also quite likely to leave behind oils, chemicals and fuel that could cause the boat yard to receive a fine from the EPA for hazardous materials runoff. Even seemingly benign materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum trim and paint, could all become potential problems if they are not recycled properly.

If you do go to a boat yard that allows you to do some do-it-yourself repair work, make sure to be courteous to the boat yard owner, your fellow boaters and the environment. Put down a tarp so you will catch any spill over from oil or fuel that drips from your boat. This will also catch any debris from sanding or scraping, as well as paint chips and other potentially hazardous materials. Always use the right types of boat stands for your type of boat. Motor boat stands for motor boats and special boat stands for sailboats, to prevent tipping and other issues that could cause damage to the boat yard and other neighboring boats.

Any hazardous materials that you collect, make sure to dispose of them properly. Old batteries, containers of used oil, empty paint buckets, dirty brushes, rags and other contaminated waste should all be taken to the boat yard manager to ask where they should be placed. If there is not trash on site that is acceptable for the type of waste that you have, make sure to take it to an off-site facility that can handle the used motor oil and other items properly. Have respect for the boat yard, other boat owners and for your own boat by keeping things neat and clean the entire time your boat is in the boat racks or other storage.

The Benefits of Good Behavior
Following the rules and cleaning up after yourself might not sound like a lot of fun, but there are definite advantages to doing so. Boat yards are disappearing all over New England and the American coastline due to pressure from real estate developers who want to convert those yards into prime waterfront properties. Boat yard owners already have a frustrating time dealing with so many personalities, back breaking work and issues associated with the industry, but add to it a bunch of disrespectful, ungrateful boaters, and it’s no wonder they sell out as soon as the first offer is made.

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