Strapped Down & Secured: Marine Industry Stands in a Hurricane

Strapped Down & Secured: Marine Industry Stands in a Hurricane

For those who live in a hurricane zone, 2017 has kept everyone on their toes. With so much damage done to homes, businesses, and other personal property, it’s a good time to evaluate your own plans to protect your boat during inclement weather. While there will always be the argument about whether to keep a boat out on the water or on shore during a major storm, most will agree that during hurricane season, it helps to have a plan in place that will help to reduce the risk to sailboats, motorboats, and other types of vessels.

One way to determine which method is best is to see what insurance companies recommend. When you think about the risk factor that they sign on to protect, taking a cue from their safety suggestions is pretty smart. For storing a boat on land, Brownell Boat Stands are some of the best quality marine industry stands available. Choose from foldable sailboat stands, TLC boat pads, and wedge stands for boats to ensure proper protection and stability, regardless of the weather. Of course, the further you are away from the water and the higher ground you can find for storing your boat, the better.

Clean Up and Clear Out
The first thing you will want to do to protect your boat from a storm is to remove everything that you can. Biminis, sails, and anything else that would catch in the wind and is removable should be taken off first. If the boat is in the water, you would add extra lines, but when you are on shore, do you know what needs to be done? The more you can learn ahead of time, the easier it will be to create a plan and act on it when the warning sounds in your area for a major storm or hurricane, regardless of the time of year.

Cushions, personal flotation devices, electronics, fishing gear – anything of value should be removed from your sailboat or motorboat when a storm is headed your way. If you won’t be using your boat for a few weeks or more, hurricane season or not, it is a good idea to remove everything anyway to reduce the amount of work that would need to be done in case of a storm.

Purchase Quality Boat Stands
Way before a hurricane or other situation heads your way, you should invest in top quality marine industry stands. Stands, keel benches, blocks, and other quality equipment should be used whenever you store your boat on land. Whether it is temporary for repairs, repainting, or cleaning, or if it is long-term while you won’t be using your vessel, it is important to ensure that you choose quality foldable sailboat stands, wedge stands for boats, and keel stands, to provide support and stability. Take time to learn how to use Brownell Boat Stands properly and to your advantage, choosing the right size, type, and number of stands, according to the unique make, model, and year of your vessel.

Don’t know where to get Brownell Boat Stands and equipment in your area? Give us a call at 508-758-3671, and we can help you find an authorized dealer near you or point you in the direction of online retailers that sell our products. You can use our online Boat Stand Selector tool at to choose the best products for your needs.

Consider Strapping It Down
Many boat owners are now using a technique that involves the idea of strapping boats down when stored ashore to reduce damage greatly. In addition to using quality marine industry stands to provide support and stability, boat owners are using a secure anchor, such as helical anchors or eyes set in concrete, and non-stretching straps to provide additional stability to foldable sailboat stands or wedge stands for boats. This technique has so far proven to be very effective, even in areas where the boatyards or storage lots become flooded. Speak with your boatyard or storage facility to find out if strapping options are available in your area or if anchor can be added to increase stability.

This new technique has become very popular and is increasing in use by boat owners in the hurricane and tropical storm zones. Marine insurance agencies have taken notice, and are now decreasing hurricane deductibles by a couple of percentage points when owners haul the boats out of the water and have them anchored to the ground and properly prepped to reduce windage and damage caused by the weather.

Get Brownell Boat Stands to Protect Your Investment
If you are interested in learning more about our full line of marine industry stands and equipment, give us a call at 508-758-3671. Our team can help you locate an authorized dealer near you or answer any questions that you might have about Brownell Boat Stands and marine equipment.

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