Storage Options: Boat Stands for Sailboats and Motor Boats

Storage Options: Boat Stands for Sailboats and Motor Boats

There are a few different ways to store your boat in the off-season. How you store your boat will depend on a couple of factors: cost, availability of storage, and the type of boat that you own. There is a big debate between wet and dry storage. Some boat owners prefer to keep their boat in the water all year long rather than storing it on dry land for half the year. However, there are a lot of costs to consider with this method, including dockage and storage fees. There are also certain advantages to taking your boat out of the water for half the year, including giving the fiberglass a chance to dry out fully. This helps to prevent blisters from forming, which can be expensive to repair. So when you think about costs and maintenance advantages, it is probably in your best interest to store your boat out of the water.

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Dry or Rack Storage
One of the common options for land storage is known as dry stack or rack storage. This is a popular way to store boats over the winter or when not in use during the boating season. Unfortunately, this method does not provide a lot of options with regard to off-season maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. If you want to do work on your boat while it is out of the water, you will need boat stands for sailboats or motor boat stands, depending on the type of vessel that you own.

Most often used in areas that are prone to hurricanes, dry stack buildings or barns, as they are also known, are usually built as steel building with a roof that can be moved around to various locations. A lot of boat owners who use this method also opt to shrink wrap their vessels for added protection over the winter months.

Boat Lifts
Great for the boater that wants to get their vessel in the water in a matter of minutes, there are some definite downsides to this method of storage. According to the experts, boat lifts are not good in strong winds, waves, and surges, such as hurricanes, nor’easters, torrential rains, or heavy snows. The weight of precipitation can increase the boat’s weight to the breaking point, causing serious damage in the process. Boats stored in this manner are also more likely to be affected by a sudden freeze because they are entirely surrounded by cold air.

Adjustable Boat Stands
Brownell boat stands makes a broad range of different sizes, types, and styles of boat stands for sailboats, motor boat stands, and keel support. This is a good option if you will be storing your boat in a boat yard or inside of an indoor storage facility. It is also excellent for any work that you might need to do, such as repairing or painting the hull. Just make sure that proper load bearing areas are supported with keel stands and benches, and that you have the right amount of adjustable boat stands for balance. Experts recommend that you reduce the load any way that you can, such as emptying the water and sanitation holding tanks during the winterization process. The fuel tank should always remain at 95 percent, however, to protect the tank against condensation.

In addition to using Brownell boat stands to protect your vessel when it is out of the water, it is a good idea to have some cover. One popular method is shrink wrap, which is great for keeping out debris, dirt, weather, and any pests that might want to move in during the off-season. Unfortunately, shrink wrap also can trap in moisture, so the boat must be completely dried out before wrapping to prevent damage and the growth of mold or mildew. Fabric covers are another way to protect your boat and can often be purchased where you go to buy boat stands. Custom covers are best, but standard covers designed for your size and type of vessel can also be beneficial. Tarps are another way to go, but just make sure that you get the extra thick type of tarp and not some cheap big box store version that is more designed for camping.

Get Brownell Boat Stands
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