Trailer Mounted Boat Lift


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The Brownell Boat Stands Trailer-Mounted Boat Lift is a safe, stress-free way to raise a boat weighing up to 10,000 pounds / 4,500 kilograms up to 12 inches / 30 centimeters above the bunks or rollers, by yourself. You can now easily apply bottom paint and do routine maintenance with your boat still securely attached to the trailer. It includes four trailer lifts and fits trailers with a beam of 2-3 inches wide and 4.5-5.75 inches high.

This simple but ingenious system uses four lifts attached to your trailer and positioned under the four strongest areas of the boat: hull chines, stringers, and transom. While raising the boat, it’s easy to keep the load balanced by turning the adjustable rod on each lift one half turn at a time. As your boat lifts up off of the trailer, it remains stable and secure because the lifts are attached firmly to the trailer itself.