Motorboat Stand

Our selection of solid steel motorboat stands come in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from our traditional painted blue finish or select the popular hot dip galvanized finish for long-lasting durability. Our adjustable stands feature an ACME threaded center rod with a 20-degree swivel top to allow for smooth adjustment, even under heavy loads.

The Brownell Motorboat Stand is made using top quality American steel and is constructed by skilled American craftsmen to ensure consistency and quality control. These stands range in size between 18-25 inches (46-64 cm) for the smallest on up to 116-132 inches (295-335 cm) for the largest. Our stands have been independently tested and are certified to have a safe working load of 20,000 pounds (9,100 kgs).

Brownell Boat Stands have earned a solid reputation within the marine industry. Our products are known and used by professionals all over the world to be the best quality boat stands ever made. A boat stand system is used as a balance device with the weight of the boat resting on its keel. Make sure also to use keel stands, benches, or blocks to support the weight of your vessel when using our motorboat stands for balance.

To determine which motorboat stands are best for your vessel, use our online Boat Stand Selector or contact our office at 508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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