Boat Racks

Brownell Boat Racks are designed for use with forklifts and hydraulic trailers. They are an excellent tool to use for wash downs and servicing at dry stack facilities. Our boat racks come in a variety of sizes, beginning at 28 inches high x 24.5 inches wide x 30 inches deep (70 x 62 x 76 cm) and ranging to 52 inches high x 34 inches wide x 48 inches deep (131 x 86 x 121 cm).

For extra stability, a Brownell Boat Stand can be placed on each side during use. Protected with our traditional painted blue finish or hot dipped galvanized, Brownell Boat Racks are designed to be durable and long-lasting. All of our Boat Racks are excellent for fast and efficient set-up and can be nested together for compact storage when not in use.

The Brownell Boat Display Rack is designed to provide a safe, simple, and discrete solution for showroom floor display. Our unique four-pad design creates a gentle solution, which disperses the load of the boat to reduce stress on the hull. The stable footprint provides keel and righting support while eliminating the need for outboard support. The design reduces trip hazards and allows for more boats to be stored more closely together, maximizing floor space.

It is important to consult with the manufacturer to determine the placement of the number of boat racks required for best results. The Brownell Boat Display Rack is ideal for use with the display of bow-riders, walkarounds, center consoles, cruisers, and cuddies between 25 and 45 feet in length. Brownell has built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing top quality marine products. Our Boat Racks are made in the USA from top quality American steel just like our famous Brownell Boat Stands.

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