Motorboats: Proper Storage & Preparation for Outboard Motors

Motorboats: Proper Storage & Preparation for Outboard Motors

Outboard Motor StorageWhen it comes time to put your motorboat away for the season, it pays to give ample attention to the winterizing and storage of your outboard motor. Just as motorboat stands are essential to protect your boat when it is out of the water, Brownell engine racks are the best way to store your outboard motor. Engine racks for marine engines are designed to provide a safe and secure solution for moving the engine around the shop or protecting it during the winter season. When you visit the Brownell website to use the boat stand selector, you can find the list of engine handling products under the Product tab in the upper menu.

Preparation Steps

Start by reading the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions for preparing your outboard motor for storage during the winter season. It is essential to take extra care to ensure that everything is lubricated properly, especially if it will be stored for any length of time. Some of the products that you will need to achieve this include grease, fuel conditioner, storage fogging oil, and gearbox lubricant. Again, make sure to only perform services on your engine that are recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Grease – Choose a quality product that can be used to lubricate just about everything on and in your outboard motor. Go through everything and if you aren’t sure what needs to be greased prior to storage, ask your local boat dealer, mechanic, or check again with the manufacturer. The propeller should be removed and checked for damage, the shaft cleaned and lubricated. This is the time to go over everything and wax the external surfaces of the engine after tightening up any loose nuts, bolts, and screws.
  • Fuel Conditioner – It is important to ensure that any fuel left inside the engine’s system is properly stabilized and free of water or other foreign bodies. When you start your engine again in the spring, you want it to be clean and ready to go. Fuel can break down during storage, resulting in a gummy consistency that can clog up fuel lines and your carburetor. Take care of it with a quality fuel conditioner to prevent any of this from happening to your engine.
  • Storage Fogging Oil – Used to prevent corrosion from forming inside of your engine and causing damage during winter storage, fogging oil comes in an aerosol can with a micro-straw. This is intended to assist you in spraying directly into the carburetor and help you get into those spark plug holes. Follow all of the recommendations for proper product use and consult your owner’s manual if you have any questions.
  • Gearbox Lubricant – For best results, your gearbox should be drained and refilled with fresh oil. All of the lube points on the engine should be lubricated, including the throttle and shift linkages. Check to see that your oil tank is full. Once confirmed, leave the oil system connected to reduce the chances of condensation forming inside of the tank during winter storage.

Upright, Tilted, or Upside Down

There is a lot of debate as to which position is best to store your engine. Unlike motorboat stands, which are intended to be used in a specific way, engine racks for marine engines have a lot of options. The motor can be secured in a number of ways, as Brownell engine racks are intended to assist with maintenance and cleaning, as well as for storage. Talk to three different boat owners, and you are likely to hear three different opinions on storage. However, the best way to store your motor is either to leave it on the boat or keep it on an engine stand in an upright position. While some people will tell you to tilt the engine when kept on engine racks for marine engines, the agreed upon method by mechanics and boat experts is upright and not tilted.

Some additional tips for storage include:

  • make sure the engine is in a self-draining position (upright)
  • if you cannot store it upright, make sure the cooling system is drained completely
  • never store the motor with the gearbox higher than the powerhead
  • inspect the mounting hardware and replace if there is any damage
  • protect the motor from insect infestations during storage

Get Brownell Equipment for Safer Storage

If you are in the market for engine handling products or motorboat stands, visit the Brownell Boat Stand System website. Use our boat stand selector to find the right stand type and combination for your motorboat and browse our offering of Brownell engine racks to find the best engine racks for marine engines just like yours. You can also give us a call at 1-508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you or find out where to buy Brownell products online.

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