Motorboat Safety: What You Need to Know About Life Jackets

Motorboat Safety: What You Need to Know About Life Jackets

motorboat-safety-life-jacketsThere are a lot of different types of equipment that are required for boat owners. You need cleaning supplies to take care of your motorboat and keep it in good working order. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the engine is ship shape and ready for your next adventure. For dry docking and maintenance work or just hauling your boat out of the water, you need to know about motorboat stands, look into an adjustable backbone for boat stands and check out made in America trailer components available through trusted sources like Brownell.

However, one of the most important things that you can invest in for your boat is safety equipment. Today we are going to talk about the personal floatation device, otherwise known as the life jacket. It is important to purchase a life jacket for each person on board, plus have a couple of extras for possible guests. Picking a life jacket can involve a little bit of research, especially if you haven’t really looked into them before. Take your time and pick a personal floatation device that will provide you with the assistance you need should you ever need to reply on it for your safety.

Different Types of Life Jackets
Currently, there are five different types of life jackets to choose from, with each type designed for different types of water conditions and boating activities in order to provide maximum buoyancy. Make sure to purchase life jackets based upon your typical boating activities and the conditions you face in the area where you go out on the water. For example, the life jackets you choose for a small lake or river will be different than the life jackets you use out on the open sea.

It is recommended that you purchase brightly colored life jackets. These perform a double duty in making you and your passengers visible to rescuers, should it come to that. When you get your new life jacket, try it on for size and practice adjusting it until you have a snug fit. You should also consider testing it out in the water so you can ensure that it will support your weight and keep your head and mouth out of the water without any effort. Check the product label and attached brochure to ensure that the life jacket is right for your typical use.

When to Use a Life Jacket
There is a lot of debate as to when you should wear your life jacket. Some believe that a life jacket should be worn whenever you are near the water, including the dock and while out on the clearest, stillest of waters. Studies show that most accidents happen when the boat is still or not moving at all, so it is important to wear your life jacket at all times. Even if it seems calm, weather conditions can change quickly, so it is essential to be prepared.

A life jacket should always be worn when you are:

  • in a congested waterway
  • boating at night or in reduced visibility
  • in rough weather
  • boating near hazardous waters
  • out by yourself in your boat alone
  • on an unfamiliar boat
  • in unfamiliar waters

The law states that a personal floatation device must be on board for every single person that is on board – adults and children. The life jackets must also be the correct size for the person that is wearing it, meaning that you will likely have to replace a child’s life jacket annually to ensure a proper fit. They must also be “readily available for use”, which means that they can’t be stowed away under a bunch of other items, but visible and ready to use.

Make sure you understand the buoyancy requirements for each and every person on your boat. These requirements vary based on size, weight, age, body fat percentage, gender and physical condition. To be sure, you should have each person test their life jacket out in the water for safety purposes. When in doubt ask an expert and upgrade your equipment.

Taking Care of Your Boat
Safety is important for people and your boat. Taking care of your boat through proper maintenance and cleaning will help it to look and perform as it should for many years. Brownell motorboat stands are made in America and feature an adjustable backbone for boat stands that aren’t available in similar products. All of our trailer components and accessories are also made using all-American steel.

The Brownell motorboat stand is made of a unique design that allows it to be easily stacked for convenience and the adjustable backbone for the boat stand allows for smooth adjustments, even under a heavy load. To purchase Brownell motorboat stands, contact our office in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts by calling +1-508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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