How to Choose the Best Boatyard for Storage and Maintenance

How to Choose the Best Boatyard for Storage and Maintenance

boatyard storage for the seasonWhether you are new to boat ownership – or just new to the area – learning how to choose the best boatyard for all of your storage and maintenance needs can be a challenge. While you might be tempted to make a choice based solely on cost, be sure to do your due diligence and make your selection based on essential factors that will provide you with the best service for your money. Owning a boat is a year-round investment, which is why it can be tempting for some boat owners to settle or go cheap on storage solutions. Avoid many of the problems that can come from storing your boat on dry land by selecting the storage facility that is best for your boat’s needs.

The Right Stands Make a Difference

While some boatyards and marine industry storage facilities offer the use of boat stands, boat racks, keel stands and benches as part of their service to ensure the quality storage of their customers’ vessels, others rely on the customer to bring in the equipment that they want to be used. Brownell boat stands make a wide range of options that are used by both industry professionals and private boat owners alike. Choose from a variety of stackable boat stands, foldable sailboat stands, and other equipment that is designed to maximize storage space, while providing superior support and stability for vessels of all sizes.

  • Foldable Sailboat Stands – With many different sizes and styles, our Brownell boat stands come in your choice of our painted blue finish, or hot dip galvanized finish for long-lasting durability. Pick either the v-top or flat-top variety, depending on your needs. Our foldable sailboat stands feature an integrated ladder and our heavy-duty, structurally-reinforced design for use with deeper draft boats. The adjustable ACME threaded center rod with a 20-degree swivel top allows for smooth adjustment – even under heavy loads. Independently tested and certified for a safe working load of up to 20,000 pounds, our foldable sailboat stands are the perfect balancing device for your boat when used with proper keel stands and benches for support.
  • Stackable Boat Stands – In addition to foldable sailboat stands, customers can choose from a wide range of stackable boat stands that can be nested for compact and convenient storage when not in use. Our sailboat stands feature a swivel top with a 23-degree angled center pipe that is perfect for use with sailboats and powerboat hulls that have a deadrise of greater than 20-degrees. The solid steel top angled base allows for a smooth adjustment – even under heavy loads. All Brownell boat stands are made in the USA using top-quality American steel to ensure consistency and control. Choose from the traditional painted blue finish, or hot dip galvanized finishing treatment, depending on your needs.
  • Keel Stands and Benches – Brownell boat stands are designed to offer balance to boats while they are stored or kept on dry land. Keel stands and benches are designed to provide support to prevent damage to the hull. All of the weight of your vessel rests on the keel support equipment that you choose, so it is important to make your selections wisely. The Brownell Boat Stand System includes four unique options for keel support, ranging from “old school” wooden blocks, long-lasting galvanized steel blocks, and our patented keel stands and benches. Brownell keel stands are designed to save time and labor, used in place of conventional wood blocks. They feature our easy-to-adjust ACME solid steel threaded tops and can also be stacked or nested when not in use. Our Brownell keel benches are quick to install and provide a wide surface area for many different boats. A minimum of two keel stands and benches are recommended to properly displace the weight of your vessel.

Getting Started: Choosing a Boatyard

Start by asking around for recommendations. This is particularly helpful if you are new to the area. Discussing your needs with fellow boat owners at the marina or other popular docking spots can be a huge advantage. Everyone has a story to tell, so if there is a poorly managed yard in the area, you will likely hear about it first. Then you must decide whether you want to work with an authorized dealer who can perform maintenance and repairs under warranty, or if you want to go to an independent shop. Ideally, a facility that provides all of the services that you require to effectively maintain and store your boat would be best. However, there are some situations where you might have to have repairs done one place and store your vessel at another location.

Visit the marine service facility in person. Ask for a tour of the storage areas and take a look at how the boats are stored. You will likely see Brownell boat stands in use, either in the form of foldable sailboat stands, stackable boat stands, boat racks, or keel stands and benches. Just look for our trademark marine blue stands and bright orange TLC boat pads. Check to see that the other boards currently stored in the yard are well-supported on the proper stands and benches. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or find out about any certifications that would be relevant to the services that you require.

Create Your Own Brownell Boat Stand System

Either use our online Boat Stand Selector tool or speak with one of our representatives to create your own system that includes the Brownell boat stands, keel stands and benches that you require to adequately protect your vessel on dry land. A combination of foldable sailboat stands or stackable boat stands for motorboats will provide balance, while the proper amount and type of keel stands and benches will help to support the weight of your vessel. Give us a call at 508-758-3671 or visit our website to find an authorized dealer near you.

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