Foldable Sailboat Stands: Care and Maintenance for Sailboats

Foldable Sailboat Stands: Care and Maintenance for Sailboats

It is important to take care of your sailboat both in and out of the water. During the season, while you are out on the water, there is some basic maintenance that you need to perform to keep everything ship shape. When you take your boat out of the water, either for repair and maintenance or at the end of the season, there are other things that you can do to protect your investment. The more work you put into your sailboat, the more years of enjoyment you will be able to get out of it. Not only will it keep your sailboat looking great and performing as it should for many years to come, but it will also provide a safer experience for you and everyone that you invite on board.

The Brownell Boat Stand System
When you take your boat out of the water, your first thought should be to store it properly to protect the hull from damage. Foldable sailboat stands and other top quality boat stands and keel stands are available from Brownell, the originator of the boat stand. There are many different types of boat stands in various sizes and styles, depending on the unique needs of your boat. If you aren’t sure which products you need from the Brownell boat stand system, make sure to visit our website and use the online boat stand selector. You can also get information on an authorized dealer near you.

Prevent Fouling
The first thing that you need to do when you pull your boat out of the water at the end of the season is to protect it from fouling. Fouling is a natural process where weeds, barnacles, and other organisms from the water latch on the outside of your boat. This can work to reduce the speed capacity of your boat, but it can also cause safety issues. When boats become covered with these growths, they won’t be able to move through the water as efficiently, slowing them down – especially when sailing upwind. Some more aggressive growths, which are known as shipworms, have the ability to burrow into the hull, resulting in permanent damage.

Special paints can be put on the hull that will treat fouling. They contain a slow-releasing biocide that is designed to kill off any organism that might be trying to grow on your sailboat. You will need to apply this to the hull while it is out of the water. Use foldable sailboat stands, and other types of boat stands from the Brownell boat stand system for best results. You can also try putting a silicone coating on the surface of the hull, which can make it too slippery for anything to stick on while it is out in the water. This prevention should be done once a year. Contact our office for tips on the size of top quality boat stands you will need for your vessel.

Check the Engine
All boats should have their engines checked at regular intervals, as well as after every single outing. Whether you sail on fresh or salt water, a boat engine is much more susceptible to problems like leaking, cracking or even seizing up than a car motor. The engine should get flushed, and the engine should get checked over after every single outing. If you are able, check everything from the fuel and oil levels to the integrity of the fuel tanks, as well as the viability of the fuel lines and clamps each time too. If not at the end of an outing, in advance of the next outing. Any problems should be repaired immediately – do not use your vessel again until everything gets fixed.

Rust & Corrosion
One of the biggest problems faced by boat owners is rust and corrosion. When things are underwater, they will begin to corrode. Your best bet is to remove any rusted items, clean any of the rust that you can see on the vessel, and then replace those rusted parts. Make sure you aren’t installing fresh parts where there’s still an issue with moisture behind the hull of the sailboat. Never reseal any fittings or fasteners if there is a moisture problem. If you notice streaks of rust coming from your handles, fittings or fasteners, you may have something known as crevice corrosion, which can be a symptom of even larger problems.

You can prevent rust from occurring in the first place. When you take your boat out of the water for repairs or for winterizing at the end of the season, place it up on top quality boat stands, such as the foldable sailboat stands from the Brownell boat stand system. The Brownell website can help you find the types of boat stands that are best for your vessel, based on the make, model and year. Start by rinsing your sailboat with mild soap and fresh water. You can then apply a product designed to prevent rust. Do this before putting your boat into storage. You can apply a special pre-season rust prevention treatment before taking your boat back out onto the water again in the spring.

Trust Brownell Boat Stands
Whether you own a sailboat, motor boat, or a personal watercraft, you can trust the Brownell boat stand system to provide you with top quality boat stands, keel stands, boat dollies, and much more. Visit our website to see our whole product list to find all of the foldable sailboat stands and other specialty items you need to protect your vessel when it is out of the water. We have many different types of boat stands, all designed with specific needs and requirements for any size or type of vessel. Give us a call at 508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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