Brownell Seasonal Boat Storage Solutions for Smaller Vessels

Brownell Seasonal Boat Storage Solutions for Smaller Vessels

small boat storage solutionsMarine professionals and private boat owners are always looking for solutions that will help them to maximize space while providing the best possible equipment for storing boats. Boat racks, foldable sailboat stands, boat dollies, yacht stands, and other popular Brownell products are used by boatyards, marine mechanics, and private boat owners for storage, maintenance, repairs, and all of the work-related to how to winterize a boat motor and vessel. We also design, manufacture, and sell a wide range of other marine products, including a small boat trailer kit, our popular TLC boat pads, staging ladders, boat lifting systems, trailer components, and much more.

Why Choose Boat Dollies?

When it comes to boat dollies, Brownell has the most opportunities for our customers to choose from to protect a vessel on dry land. From our small craft dolly, which is perfect for dinghies, personal watercraft, and small sailboats; to our extra-large boat dolly, which can accommodate boats of up to 35,000 pounds and up to or beyond 50 feet in length, we can provide valuable solutions for a wide range of hull shapes, drafts, beams, and types. Our solid reputation within the marine industry and the benefits associated with our adjustable boat dollies makes us a top choice for private boat owners and industry professionals alike. Our boat dollies, boat racks, yacht stands, and other specialty tools are designed to work with all of the other products in our Brownell Boat Stand System.

Some of the features included in our boat dollies, which makes them ideal for use with vessels of all sizes in boat shows, production facilities, workshops, showrooms, and storage facilities, include non-marking wheels and our legendary adjustable screw pads. These pads, which include our TLC boat pads, are just like the ones we use on our well-known Brownell boat stands, including yacht stands and stackable motorboat stands. Engine handling products can be used to help professionals and newbies learn how to winterize a boat motor and prepare it for storage or perform routine maintenance with ease. We even have pontoon and tri-toon dollies, which can be used with pontoons, tri-toons, and high-performance sports boats. Padded foam tops provide maximum protection and make the transfer to and from the water much easier.

Boat Racks for Boat Yards

Many of our professional customers prefer to use our Brownell boat racks to increase further the number of vessels that can be stored safely on-site. Our Brownell boat racks were designed to be used with hydraulic trailers and forklifts. They help to streamline efforts to washdown and service vessels at dry stack facilities. Choose from a wide range of sizes, beginning with 28-inches high by 24.5-inches wide and 30-inches deep on you to 52-inches high by 34-inches wide and 48-inches deep. Our Brownell yacht stands, sailboat stands, and motorboat stands can also add extra stability when placed on each side during use. Choose from our traditional painted blue finish, or hot dip galvanized options, depending on your needs.

All of our boat racks were designed to provide excellent solutions for fast and efficient set-up. When not in use, they can be nested together for compact storage. The unique four-pad design of our boat racks creates a gentle solution that will properly disperse the load of the boat to further reduce stress on the hull. A stable footprint helps to provide the keel and righting support while eliminating the need for additional outboard support. Overall, the unique design of our boat racks was created with the idea of reducing trip hazards, while maximizing the amount of floor space used to effectively store the vessel. Our Brownell boat display rack can also be used for the display of vessels between 25 and 45 feet in length, particularly bow-riders, cruisers, center consoles, walkarounds, and cuddies.

Small Boat Trailer Kit

When it comes to smaller vessels, storing is not always the biggest challenge. Creating a safe and effective trailering solution is essential to secure the boat while on the road. Our series of Brownell wedge stands have two usable positions, which include an easy-to-use ACME adjustable steel-threaded rod for efficient use. Like our other products, these components are made in the USA with top-quality American steel. They are designed to be mounted to a cross member, bolted to a trailer frame, or fastened to a wooden beam. The idea is to provide boat owners and industry professionals with the opportunity to build a custom cradle for a trailer to ensure safe and effective transport.

Create your own small boat trailer kit with the Brownell wedge stand and other trailering components, all of which can be found alongside our sailboat, motorboat, and yacht stands on our website at If you would like to see our products in person or speak with a representative about where to find an authorized dealer near you, just give us a call at 508-758-3671. We can answer any questions that you might have about how to winterize a boat motor with our engine handling products, the components required to create a custom small boat trailer kit, or which boat racks would be best for your needs.

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