Brownell Boat Stands: Quality Marine Products Made in the USA

Brownell Boat Stands: Quality Marine Products Made in the USA

Motorboat Stands Made in the USAWhen quality matters, you want to purchase products that are made from the best materials. For the marine industry, which relies on the support provided by top quality boat stands and keel benches, it makes sense to purchase boat stands made in the USA. Brownell Boat Stands and the entire Brownell Boat Stand System is made using American tubular steel. Compared to steel materials that come from other countries, such as China, which produces nearly half of the steel used around the globe, American steel requires rigorous testing before it can be sold. Steel manufactured in other countries is not required to be tested in this manner, which is why the quality can vary so much from product to product.

Our popular nested boat stands and other marine products are depended on by boat owners and professional marine services to ensure long-lasting strength and durability under immense weight. Made right here in America, all of our boat stands have been independently tested and have a safe working load of 20,000 pounds or 9,100 kilograms. While there are plenty of other companies that also make boat stands, even right here in the USA, they do not use quality American tubular steel as we do at Brownell Boat Stands and that makes all the difference.

Dependable, Durable Boat Stands

Brownell Boat Stands has a solid reputation in the marine industry. We are known and used by professionals all over the globe. The customer service and quality products that we sell are a big part of our reputation, and we work hard to ensure that we maintain it. By using American tubular steel at our Massachusetts manufacturing facility and by employing highly trained, skilled, and experienced craftsmen, we are doing everything we can to continue winning the support and confidence of our customers for every product we make.

Marine businesses and individual boat owners who want to ensure the safety of their equipment count on the Brownell Boat Stand System, which includes nested boat stands, keel support, and other top quality boat stands, TLC pads, and accessories. When you purchase American steel products from a trusted supplier, you know you are getting a quality product. While it might cost a bit more up front for our boat stands made in the USA, you will get a better return on your investment in the long run. In addition to using top quality steel, we also offer additional corrosion prevention through the use of hot dip galvanization and dipped traditional blue paint coatings to protect your products even in the toughest conditions.

Why Foreign Steel Can Be Bad

Some companies choose to purchase Chinese steel and materials from other countries where quality is not as important as price. While it is cheaper to purchase these materials up front, the long-term effect of choosing to use inferior metals will eventually become obvious. There are many bridges and structures across the country that have required significant repairs and replacements of parts due to the use of foreign steel. When you want top quality boat stands that you can count on to provide you with many years of service and reliability, you need to purchase our boat stands made in the USA.

Other examples of poor quality steel include:

  • structural failures that result in damage to boats and other equipment at the storage facility
  • bending and bowing, which can cause serious damage to the hull and other parts of the vessel
  • little to no protection from rust and corrosion, causing the boat owner or marine service to have to purchase new nested boat stands much sooner
  • stands that are difficult to adjust under the full load of the boat
  • adjustable bar threads that are poorly made can bind during adjustment and break
  • inferior bases made from foreign steel or other cheap materials that can damage easily and cause supports to fail
  • fragile castings, handles, and nuts, which are susceptible to breaking
  • undetermined safe working load makes it difficult to trust the equipment

Get Brownell Boat Stands

When you invest in top quality boat stands from the Brownell Boat Stand System, you can count on many years of tough and durable support where you need it the most. Not sure what size, type or number of boat stands you need for your vessel? Visit our website and use our Boat Stand Selector tool or give us a call at 508-758-3671. We can answer any questions that you might have about our boat stands made in the USA, provide you with pricing or give you information about authorized dealers near you. Place your order on the phone with one of our team members or use our website to get the parts, products, and equipment you need.

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