Brownell Boat Stand System: Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

Brownell Boat Stand System: Prepare Your Boat for a Hurricane

hurricane-boat-standsOne of the most important lessons that a boat owner can learn about keeping a boat in adverse weather conditions is to try and get the boat out of the water. In the case of a hurricane, the boat should be removed if it can be put on a trailer and taken to an indoor storage or back to your home if it can be garaged. Even an area that is at an elevation that is above the anticipated surge of the storm would be better than keeping the boat in the water.

Hurricanes have caused some of the worst disasters for the marine industry and the lives of many sailors – professional and amateur alike – have been lost to the storm. It is important that you never try to ride out a hurricane or other large storm while on board your vessel, even if it is anchored, moored or secured at the dock. The best thing you can do is to prepare your boat for a hurricane and get to safety to protect your life and the lives of those who are with you.

Finding a Suitable Storage Space
If you are unable to store your boat on land inside of an indoor facility, such as a boatyard or your own garage at home, make sure to choose a location that will protect your boat from potential damage. Storing a boat on a trailer or using top quality boat stands from the Brownell boat stand system should be done in an area that is free of overhead objects that could come down on top of your boat. Watch out for things like trees and branches, overhead wires or any flimsy looking structures nearby that could blow over and onto your boat.

Choose a space that does not have ground that can become saturated, such as loamy soil or sand. A hard, firm substance is best to ensure proper grounding. It is important to state early that you should never strap your boat to the painted or galvanized boat stands. Doing so could result in serious damage. You should have a hurricane storage plan already in place before you ever get a warning about a coming hurricane. Knowing what to do and where to go ahead of time will help you to focus on the task at hand instead of running around crazy trying to find an immediate solution.

How to Choose a Boat Stand
It is important to understand that there are some types of boats that will need to be pulled from the water in the event of a hurricane no matter what. High-performance motor boats that have low freeboard and smaller open-style boats are just two examples. These boats will become overcome by the waves, rain and spray that comes with a hurricane in almost every experience. It is better to place these boats on trailers and just transport them inland away from the storm area. You should always haul and store your boats on top quality boat stands in an area that is above the anticipated storm surge. However, even if the boats are tipped off of the painted or galvanized boat stands due to rising water from the storm, the damage that will be experienced will be much less than what would happen if the boats were on the water.

When it comes time to choose a boat stand, consider the Brownell boat stand system. Not only did Brownell invent the boat stand as we know it today, but their wide variety of sizes and types of painted and galvanized boat stands are designed to meet just about every boat storage need. Make sure that your boat has extra jack stands for off-season storage and hurricane storage, providing at least three to four on each side for a boat that is less than 30 feet in length and five to six or more for larger boats, depending on the need. Make sure that the jack stands themselves are properly supported and chained to provide optimal protection during the storm.

Other Precautions to Take
In addition to learning how to choose a boat stand that is right for your particular vessel, it is also important to learn what other steps should be taken to protect your investment. Boat owners are told to reduce the surface area of the vessel by removing any things that could possibly blow away or cause damage, such as gear stored on the deck, covers and canvas, small outboard motors, fuel containers, spare sails and sails that are on the rigging, dinghies and anything else that could get loose.

Removing high-priced electronics, shutting down all electrical equipment outside of the automatic bilge pumps that can be removed, and making sure that all hull valves, windows, hatches and doors are closed and secure, are just some of the other ways to protect your vessel. Make sure that all of your batteries are fully charged and that you have emergency equipment available in case you need it.

You Can Count on Brownell Boat Stands
To learn more about the Brownell boat stand system or to purchase motor boat stands, boat stands for sailboats or other essential equipment for proper hurricane or off-season boat storage, contact Brownell direct by calling +1-508-758-3671. Brownell boat stands are made in the USA from high quality American steel by experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen who take pride in their work. Whether you have a sailboat or a motor boat, you can trust the Brownell boat stand system to protect your vessel.

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