Brownell Boat Stand Selector: Which Stand is the Right Type?

Brownell Boat Stand Selector: Which Stand is the Right Type?

Choose Boat Stand for Your VesselIf you have never used nested boat stands, keel stands and benches before to store or maintain your boat when it is out of the water, you might not be sure what type of stands you need. Motor boats require different stands than sailboats, but there are many similarities. For most vessels, two stands are required for every eight to ten feet of boat length, plus an additional stand for stability under the bow. Keel stands and benches are used to hold the weight of the vessel and are placed underneath the hull. The correct type of boat stand will be determined by the angle that exists between the hull and the center pipe of the stand. So in some cases, a motor boat that has a deep V-shaped bow would use a pair of sailboat stands at the bow, while still utilizing motor boat stands at the stern.

The Brownell Boat Stand Selector is an excellent tool that will help you figure out which stands and benches you need to safeguard your boat while it is on dry land. It can be found at our website at You can also contact our headquarters in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts to speak with a customer service agent or to find an authorized dealer near you. In addition to boat stands and keel support, Brownell also provides a wide range of other useful tools for boat owners. Dollies, boat lifting systems, and our Brownell engine racks are excellent for providing maintenance, making repairs, safely moving your vessel, and even assisting with storage options, depending on your needs.

What Size Stands Do I Need?

Once you figure out what type of boat stands you require for your vessel, the next step is to figure out what size. Once again, the Brownell Boat Stand Selector can help you in this area. Simply input your boat’s length, beam, and the draft, using either the US or Metric measurement system via the online tool. For example, using the tool, a motorboat with a length of 20 feet and a beam of 6 feet, with a draft of 3 foot, 1 inch would require two MB-1 Motorboat Stands, which are adjustable from 33-50 inches, two SB-3 Sailboat Stands, which are adjustable from 35-52 inches, and one CHAIN8 safety chain.

Brownell offers four different options for keel support, including keel stands and benches, as well as wooden and galvanized steel blocks, depending on your needs. Our Brownell keel stands are designed to reduce time and labor and are used in place of conventional wood blocks. They feature our easy-to-adjust ACME solid steel threaded tops and can be nested or stacked for compact storage when not in use. It is recommended that you use one keel stand for every 20,000 pounds or 9,100 kilograms of vessel weight. The sizes of keel support range from 15-24 inches to 28-42 inches adjustable and come in hot dip galvanized or traditional blue painted in both v-top and flat-top varieties.

How Many Stands Do I Need?

As shown in the example above, our boat stand selector will also tell you the number of nested boat stands you will require. Additional equipment, such as dollies, trailer components, and Brownell engine racks, may also be purchased for use during maintenance and storage. A minimum of four boat stand should always be used in conjunction with keel stands and benches for powerboats, and a minimum of five boat stands should be used with sailboats to provide proper stability and support. However, if you have a full keel sailboat, your vessel may not require a bow stand. Extra boat stands can and should be used in addition to these minimum requirements if the vessel will be stored in a very windy area or if you leave sailboat mast stepped.

While our boat stand selector can be helpful in choosing the right type, size, and the number of nested boat stands, keel stands and benches, it is also a good idea to read your owner’s manual and check with the manufacturer for best results. Varying conditions, ability to store the vessel properly on a flat surface, weather conditions for the region, and other factors not able to be input into a simple online tool must be considered. Check with your storage facility for recommendations as well, whether your boat is stored indoors or outdoors. They may have some experience with your make, model, and year of the vessel and will have used Brownell Boat Stands at their boat yard many times before.

Brownell is the number one boat stand for both boat owners and professional marine industry businesses. When used properly, our nested boat stands can’t be beaten. Sold and trusted across the United States and all around the globe, Brownell Boat Stands manufactures top quality boat stands, keel stands and benches. Give us a call at 508-758-3671 or visit our website to find an authorized dealer near you.

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