Boat Stands for Sailboats: Wooden Boat Care and Maintenance

Boat Stands for Sailboats: Wooden Boat Care and Maintenance

Boat Care for Wooden VesselsThere are different methods, products, and tips depending on the type of boat that you own. It is important to check the manufacturer’s recommendations in the owner’s manual whenever possible or consult with a professional if you have any questions. However, certain types of boats will often have similar requirements. Wooden boats should be kept clean and regularly maintained, particularly the paint and varnish to protect the wood during use and off-season storage. Wooden boats must also be kept well ventilated to ensure that no mold, mildew, or other issues occur.

The area where you live or store your vessel can also determine the amount of maintenance that will be required to protect your boat. For example, a warm and dry climate that experiences a lot of sunlight requires extra protection from UV light to prevent damage. On the other hand, those who are in an area where it is more humid will need to take extra precautions to prevent bacterial or fungal growth from attacking the wood. Cold environments can pose other risks, requiring special winterizing services and storage.

Storage & Maintenance

The primary conditions that you need to protect your wooden boat from include rot, sun damage, dryness, moisture, and temperature. The life of your wooden boat depends greatly on how well it was protected. Storing your boat on dry land requires the use of quality equipment and materials, including foldable sailboat stands and other boat stands for sailboats, such as the Brownell Boat Stand System. In some regions, your boat might spend as much time in storage as it does out on the water. It is essential to choose a sailboat stand and keel support system that can be used to protect your boat on dry land.

How and where you store your boat is crucial. This isn’t just true for wooden boats, but for all types of vessels. However, when it comes to wooden boats, special care should be given. Whether you store your boat in a garage, yard, or on the beach, make sure it is propped up on boat stands for sailboats to allow the air to circulate – even if it’s just up off the ground a few inches. For outdoor storage, stay away from trees or in areas where the grass is growing. Your best bet is a solid and sturdy surface, such as a level concrete area. Make sure indoor boats don’t get too dry, and that outdoor boats don’t get too wet. Use the Brownell Boat Stand System to your advantage to protect your boat when it is out of the water.

Covering Boats in Storage

Depending on the type of cover you use, make sure to check the instructions for use and never tie down a cover to your foldable sailboat stands. A canvas cover is a very affordable solution to prevent damage caused by sun, rain, snow, ice, and debris, such as leaves, twigs, acorns, seed pods, and bird droppings. A tightly wrapped boat might seem like the best solution, but don’t forget that wooden boats need good air flow to prevent other issues from occurring. Condensation can lead to mold, mildew, and other types of growth, as well as increasing the chance of rot.

The ends of the canvas cover should be kept open, allowing moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate. This is true whether you store the boat indoors or outdoors. The cover should not be touching the wood of the boat. A framework can be used to achieve this for best results. A breathable canvas will provide the best method for allowing evaporation of moisture, as well as to repel water from rainfall and melt from snow and ice. Check the cover carefully for any tips, tears or worn spots before you put the boat in storage and periodically while it is being stored. If you live in an area where there is a lot of sun and heat, choose a light colored canvas to prevent heat from absorbing and drying out the wood.

Choose Quality Sailboat Stands

Whenever you have your boat out of the water, whether it is to perform maintenance or to keep it in storage, make sure you choose top quality foldable sailboat stands and keel support for best results. The Brownell Boat Stand System is used worldwide by individuals and professionals. Made in the USA by experienced American craftsmen, our system consists of a variety of boat stands for sailboats and motorboats, keel support, TLC boat pads, and other essential components. Visit our website to see our entire array of products or give us a call at 508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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