Best Boatyard Strategies and the Brownell Boat Stand System

Best Boatyard Strategies and the Brownell Boat Stand System

Brownell Boat Stands - Boatyard Strategies for the EnvironmentEnvironmental concerns surrounding the work that is typically done at boatyards has attracted the attention of state and local governments, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that regardless of the state that you are in, it is important to pay attention to the regulations and guidelines set by these governing bodies with regard to your boatyard. Marina and boatyard owners need to find a “happy medium” between providing their customers with the options and services that they desire while ensuring that these activities do not contribute to any environments hazards for the local area. Whether you operate a boatyard in Massachusetts or California, the more you can do to initiate best management practices that meet the demands of customers and the government, the better situated you will be to continue growing your business.

Get the Right Equipment for the Job

Offering your customers top quality boat jack stands and keel support that can be used during maintenance performance or for the dry dock storage of their vessel is an added service that many will appreciate. Galvanized boat stands or traditional blue painted stackable boat stands are part of the well-known and respected Brownell Boat Stand System. Boat owners know this brand and can identify stands and benches from Brownell on sight. Boat dollies, poppets, jacks, lifting equipment, and engine handling solutions are also available through Brownell to provide your customers with a very positive experience at your boatyard. In addition, the extra attention to detail that Brownell provides will also ensure long-lasting strength and durability for every product that we make, increasing the return on your investment for boatyard equipment.

Each region sees a wide range of boat types and sizes. To determine the number and type that you will require for your boatyard can be difficult. Speak with one of our representatives for information on the most common types purchased for your area or to discuss specific needs for a particular type of vessel. Sailboats, motorboats, pontoons, and personal watercraft can all be maintained, cleaned, repaired, and stored using different options available in the Brownell Boat Stand System. Choose from a variety of stackable boat stands, boat jack stands, keel benches, and other types of support on our website or by visiting an authorized dealer near you.

Best Management Practices

Local governing bodies will likely provide you with guidelines that will help you to employ strategies at your boatyard to minimize environmental issues that can result from common marine maintenance activities. Boat cleaning, fueling, and waste disposal are at the top of the list; however, hull maintenance, painting and staining, spill response, and other issues are also important to focus on for best results. Some of the best management practices will help boatyards to get into compliance with existing laws, while others can be used as advanced goals that you can use to take your dedication and services to the next level. Environmentally conscious boat owners will take notice and actively search for boatyards that are proactive in this area. More and more boat owners are becoming aware of the need for more care with hazardous materials and the impact it has on the surrounding environment.

Some ideas that may help with compliance and other proactive strategies include:

  • establish a designated maintenance area for pressure washing, hull painting, abrasive blasting, hull scraping and sanding; make sure to equip these areas with proper containment for all waste and wastewater that is generated by these activities
  • consider creating an indoor work area for customers to prevent runoff of wastewater by weather conditions; ensure that it is away from the water and that dustless vacuum sanders are used to prevent airborne environmental issues and reduce health risks for employees and customers
  • train employees on proper clean-up of the work area after customers utilize it for painting, scraping, sanding, or blasting to ensure that pollutants are not tracked outside of the work area, defeating the purpose of the indoor work area
  • be very clear on activities that are prohibited and post rules throughout the facility; employees should check on customers while work is being done to ensure the appropriate use and storage of any hazardous materials and waste on-site
  • study the needs of your local customer base and work with the environmental guidelines recommended by the EPA and other governing agencies to create solutions that will help everyone achieve their goals using best practices

Other strategies and solutions will be required for additional activities done on-site, such as boat cleaning, approved chemicals and products, proper disposal of materials, and more. By providing your customers with the equipment and the opportunity to properly maintain and store their boats, you will distinguish your boatyard from other local businesses. The more you can inform customers about the importance of using the proper equipment, such as stackable boat stands and galvanized boat stands from the Brownell Boat Stand System or dustless vacuum sanders and environmentally-friendly products for maintenance and cleaning, the easier it will be to comply with all regulations.

Getting Started: Establishing Best Management Practices

Are you ready to take the first step and establish some of these best management practices at your boatyard or marina? You can visit the EPA website at to see detailed information about the current regulations that must be employed by all boatyards in the United States for pollution prevention and improved management. Just search for boatyard regulations to download e-booklets and guides that can help you get started. You can also visit the Brownell Boat Stand System website at to view our full line of TLC boat pads, boat jack stands, trailer components, and of course our patented stackable boat stands, keel stands, and other equipment. You can also give us a call at 508-758-3671 to speak with a representative about your needs or to locate an authorized dealer near you.

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