Best Boat Stands for Sailboats & Other Necessary Investments

Best Boat Stands for Sailboats & Other Necessary Investments

best sailboat standsWhen you purchase a sailboat, there are a lot of other costs to consider. How will you transport your new vessel? Where will you store it in the off-season? What type of sailboat stands are best for your kind of boat? Whenever you look at extra equipment, consider the return on investment that you will receive from the purchase in the long run. Don’t just get the cheapest boat stands for sailboats or rely on your boatyard to have the proper equipment. When you start shopping keel support and boat stands for sale, trust top-quality American boat stands from Brownell. While it may cost you a bit more upfront, the level of protection and care that you get from the Brownell Boat Stand System will go a long way to ensure that your new sailboat continues to perform year after year.

Big Boats and Small Boats

The good news is that regardless of the size of sailboat you ultimately purchase, Brownell sailboat stands can accommodate nearly any requirements. Our boat stands for sailboats are known and used all around the globe by private boat owners and professionals alike. We recommend using six or more stands for any sailboat, placing the stands an even distance from each other along the boat. American boat stands are used for stability, while keel stands, benches, and other support, is designed to hold the weight of the vessel. Large keel stands should be used below the front and back of the keel construction to provide a stable base for the boat. Choose a flat, stable surface for best results, whether you are performing maintenance and repairs or storing your vessel during the off-season.

Not sure what to get when you visit a local authorized dealer to see the various Brownell boat stands for sale? You can use our online boat stand selector, which provides details on the number, type, and size of sailboat stands required for your particular vessel. You’ll need just a few details about the length, beam, and draft of your vessel to get the data that you require. If you need contact information or directions to an authorized Brownell dealer near you, just give us a call, and we can help you find a local shop. We also do online sales and can recommend partners who also sell our products online.

Location, Location, Location

Figuring out where you will be using your new sailboat, when it will be used, and where it will be stored can help make decisions about the best boat for your needs and even assist you with purchasing the best American boat stands. Taking your boat out on the ocean is much different from sailing on a lake. The boat that you choose should be designed for use in the waters that you will frequent the most and should be able to accommodate you and all of the passengers that you will want to bring. That being said, you will also want to think about where to store it, such as at a boatyard near the water or somewhere closer to home. Make sure you can use the sailboat stands that are appropriate for your vessel at the storage facility that you choose for off-season services.

How the Boat Will Be Used

This is another consideration whenever you purchase a boat or recreational vehicle. How do you want to use your new sailboat? Will you go cruising out on local waters with friends or is your goal to take week-long or month-long cruises up and down the coast? Will you go fishing or just enjoy the activities associated with sailing? How much experience do you have with operating a sailboat? Do you plan on bringing the whole family or just a friend or two? All of these questions should be asked before you purchase a boat so you’ll have a better idea of what you want and what you want to get out of it. While size will be a factor in many of these decisions, other elements will be important as well.

If the boat will only be used for a few weeks out of the year, or as a vacation boat, summer boat, or even as a year-round vessel, that will be an influence as well. Purchase the right boat stands for sailboats at an authorized Brownell dealer to ensure that you get the best possible American boat stands for your vessel. Taking care of your boat while it is out of the water will help you to maximize the return on your investment and make sure that you get the most out of the experience. If your boat is stored at a remote location for much of the year, take care also to locate a reputable storage facility that can perform required maintenance, and provide other essential services as well.

Why Choose Brownell

Our boat stand selector tool makes it easy to choose the best boat stands for sailboats, motorboats, and even alternative vessels, such as pontoons, tritoons, and personal watercraft. Visit our website at to see our full selection of sailboat stands, motorboat stands, keel benches, keel stands, and other essential marine equipment. You can also contact our team by dialing 508-758-3671 to inquire about our top-quality American boat stands or to find an authorized dealer near you.

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