Alternative Boat Dolly Solutions: Quality Pontoon Boat Stands

Alternative Boat Dolly Solutions: Quality Pontoon Boat Stands

pontoon dollies and boat standsIn the marine industry, anything that is not expressly a sailboat, yacht, motorboat or powerboat is considered to be an “alternative” type of vessel. This can include personal watercraft, such as jet ski equipment and the like, as well as pontoons and tritoons, which are unique enough not to work with traditional independently certified boat stands and keel support. An alternative boat dolly can be used for small and large vessels, depending on the weight and type; however, pontoon boat stands and other tools designed specifically for these differently-shaped vessels will likely work best in this situation.

Brownell boat stands are well-known and used all around the globe by individual private boat owners and professional marine facilities and services. Made from top quality American tubular steel by our team of highly-trained and skilled craftsmen in Southeastern Massachusetts, you can count on all of our products to perform as promised and exceed your expectations. Long-lasting and durable, our equipment comes in either hot-dip galvanized or traditional blue-painted finishes to provide even more strength and protection. Available only through authorized dealers or direct via our website, you can trust Brownell products for sailboats, motorboats, yachts, and pontoons, as well as any other type of vessel you own.

Brownell Boat Dollies

Our wide selection of alternative boat dolly products can be used for a wide variety of different vessels and in many diverse situations. All of our independently certified boat stands and dollies are made from top quality materials. The alternative boat dolly and pontoon boat stands utilize non-marking wheels and our legendary adjustable screw pads for optimal results. This makes them perfect for use in production facilities, storage spaces, boat shows, workshops, and showrooms. Choose sizes that range from our Small Craft Dolly, which is designed for use with dinghies, personal watercraft, and other small vessels, on up to our pontoon boat stands and dollies, which can be used with pontoons, tritoons, and other high-performance boats.

We even have a Heavy Duty Dolly, which features a low profile with 2.5-inch ground clearance, yet can accommodate boats up to 8,000 pounds. The adjustable height makes it easy to use this dolly without a lot of effort. Our Maxi Heavy Duty Dolly is also considered to be low profile but can accommodate boats of up to 20,000 pounds. It is designed for larger craft and can be linked together with other Maxi Heavy Duty Boat Dollies to handle more significant sizes. Choose from traditional painted blue or hot-dip galvanized finishes, depending on your needs. There is one even larger size available in our Extra Large Boat Dolly, which can accommodate boats up to 35,000 pounds and up to 50-feet in length without any additional equipment. Designed to work alone or as part of the larger Brownell Boat Stands system, these alternative boat dolly options are surprisingly affordable.

The Steel Pontoon Boat Dolly (PD2)

This particular model is designed for heavy-duty use and can be used just about anywhere, including boat shows, production facilities, workshops, and even commercial showrooms. The PD2 can be used to quickly and easily transfer a pontoon to and from the water. It is protected with our traditional painted blue finish and has four-inch, non-marking phenolic casters to protect flooring surfaces indoors. Added protection for your watercraft comes from a foam-padded top, and the frame itself is 19 x 19 x 5 inches to accommodate larges vessels. All of our boat dollies are designed to work with our full line of independently certified boat stands and other alternative boat dolly products. Pontoon boat stands are made from the same top quality American tubular steel that we use in our well-known Brownell boat stands for sailboats and motorboats.

The Pontoon/Tritoon Dolly (PD3)

We designed this particular piece of equipment to be able to provide safe and easy handling for any of today’s pontoon vessels, including standard pontoons, tritoons, and other high-performance sport boats. Our designers included increased ground clearance and an open center section to allow for use with watercraft that have lifting strakes, foils, and any other types of below-the-waterline control surfaces. Simply the loading and offloading of trailers with the dual 24-inch long bunks, which are used to equally distribute the vessel weight. Our top quality corner bumper is used to provide a soft and protective surface to protect the material. Use the adjustable width option to customize the fit and ensure maximum protection for your vessel. Each PD3 dolly features non-marking casters and can handle up to a 3,000-pound load capacity for unrivaled versatility.

Brownell Boat Stands and Products

If you are in the market for pontoon boat stands and alternative boat dolly equipment, look no further than Brownell boat stands. Our series of independently certified boat stands and equipment can be used by private boat owners and professional marine industries alike to ensure proper and safe handling for all types of watercraft and vessels. Visit our website at to see our full line of products and components, or contact one of our team members by calling 508-758-3671 to find an authorized dealer near you.

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